SMS Mode Ltd.

       Steps of Monitoring Production Procedure:

       - Sample Preparation
       - Sample Approval
       - Bulk Production
       - In-come Material Control
       - Shrinkage- Test
       - Pattern Marking
       - Pre Production Sample
       - Marker
       - Cutting
       - Sewing
       - Garment Wash
       - Pressing and Packaging

       Quality Assurance and Quality Control Method:

       "To ensure, at minimum practicable cost,that the requisite quality of product is being achieved at
                                        every stage of manufacture from raw materials to boxed stock."

      - Checking the suitability of raw materials.
      - Checking the manufacturing capability of production undertaking.
      - Monitoring production feeding back information, responding to that imformation so getting
        defects removed st source.
      - Reduction of the faultrate.
      - Saving costs.
      - Maintanence of the product consistancy.